What Is Network Segmentation

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By going through this process, you can reduce the workload on core systems, further optimizing the network.

Network segmentation is the process of dividing your computer network into smaller parts. Security and improved performance are typically the main reasons for this, although there can often be others.

There are quite a few other terms used to describe this process, including:

  • Partitioning;
  • Segregation, and;
  • Isolation.

Segmentation optimizes a computer network by controlling how traffic flows between its parts. That lets an administrator determine how this traffic should go. Depending on what a business needs and what its goals are, this can be done in various ways.

To properly understand something, it can be helpful to have an example. In a bank with several branches, management will need to restrict employees from accessing the financial reporting system. With network segmentation, a security professional will block traffic from each location from accessing that system.

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